Celebration of our years as a Square Dance Club

March 5, 2022     Our 36th Anniversary Dance
After missing our 35th anniversary celebration due to the Corona virus, we were eager and excited to be together again to celebrate our years together as a club.  Eighty-one of our dearest square dancing friends joined with us to dance and re-kindle friendships, some of whom we hadn’t seen in two years!  Travis Cook from Louisville, Kentucky called our special dance, with energy and enthusiasm, while Jeanette Bowen, Soddy Daisy’s sweetheart, cued us through some fast paced and fun line dances.  It was a fun-filled friend fest with our amazing square dancing community.

March 8, 2020     Our 34th Anniversary Dance
There’s nothing like a celebration to bring together a group of good friends, and that’s exactly what we did on Saturday night when we celebrated our anniversary.  Ninety-four dancers came together to celebrate our 34 years as a square dance club.  Preceded by a sumptuous dinner featuring Ed Chabot’s famous barbecue pork along with a wide array of mouth-watering sides and desserts, the dance was full of fun and laughter, visiting and dancing.  Jimmy Roberson, awesome caller from North Carolina, called some amazing tips and kept us on our toes with special calls like “HUT!!”  Jeanette Bowen boot-scooted us through several line dances, and Connie Goodman had the round dancers waltzing around the floor.  It was a very special evening and a fabulous way to mark our 34th anniversary!

March 2, 2019     Our 33rd Anniversary Dance
With the help of 109 of our friends in the square dancing community, we celebrated our 33rd anniversary as a square dance club.  Gary Shoemake called our square dance tips, Jeanette Bowen cued our line dancing, and Beverly Casteel cued the round dancing.  Preceded by a delicious dinner provided by the Claxton best of the best cooks, it was a fabulous occasion.  Dozens and dozens of blue helium balloons floated above the dance floor.  The room was abuzz with dancing and talking  laughing and sharing the special occasion with all our friends who came to celebrate with us.  What an unforgettable night!!

March 3, 2018   Our 32nd Anniversary Dance
What a grand time we had with 134 of our closest square dance friends celebrating our 32nd anniversary as a square dance club!  Mike Hogan, superb caller from Omaha, Nebraska, charmed us with his phenomenal calling, even yodeling on one of his singing calls.  Jeanette Bowen rocked and wiggled us through several peppy line dances.  And Beverly Casteel cued the round dancers smoothly and elegantly around the dance floor.  After a sumptuous dinner provided by the excellent Claxton cooks, we danced and gave away door prizes and visited with square dancing friends from around the area.  It was a fun-filled, laughter-filled, exhilarating evening, leaving us with tired feet but happy smiles and wonderful memories of our anniversary celebration.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us!

March 4, 2017  Our 31st Anniversary Dance
Wes Dyer, caller extraordinaire from Kentucky, helped us celebrate our 31st anniversary along with 131 of our closest square dancing friends.  Wes kept us on our toes and laughing too, with his great sense of humor and his skill in putting us through the paces from tip to tip.  Ralph Schieder, in classic style, boot scooted us through several line dances with skill and precision.  Beverly Casteel cued the round dancers through graceful routines.  The food was delicious, the calling and cueing were superb, the door prizes surprisingly delightful, and the friends who came to help us celebrate were the best of the best!  It was a wonderful evening of celebration and fun!  Thanks to all who came!

March 5, 2016     Our 30th Anniversary Dance
Our 30th anniversary was a grand celebration thanks to the hard work and extra effort of our amazing and dedicated club members.  We had 115 dancers from several area clubs join us for a night of fun, door prizes and amazing, delicious food.  Tim Marriner was the guest caller for our special dance.  He was creative, interactive, challenging, personable, and fun, with a melodious voice and a wide vocal range.  Ralph Scheider did a fantastic job cueing lines and led the line dance crowd in some fun routines.  It was a grand evening all around with many tired happy dancers when we circled up for our final “Thank you!” at the end of the evening.  Happy 30th Anniversary to us!

March 7, 2015     Our 29th Anniversary Dance

It was a grand night of fun as we celebrated our 29th year as a square dance club.  There were 136 dancers representing eleven different area clubs on hand to help us celebrate.  We gave away nine banners to visiting clubs – six of our own banners, and three club banners to visiting clubs.  Gary Kincade, caller extraordinaire from Dayton, Ohio, kept us on our toes with his lively style of calling.  It was especially exciting when his “ladies scat” call sent all the lady dancers scurrying to find a place in a different square with a different partner!  Beverly and Bob Casteel cued round dancing between the square dance tips, and Ralph Scheider led several lively line dances with enthusiasm and skill.  The Claxton cooks served up a feast fit for a king, and everyone enjoyed a sumptuous spread.  What a grand way to celebrate our years as a club with some of the areas finest people and dancers!

March 1, 2014     Our 28th Anniversary Dance
What a celebration!  One hundred twenty of our closest square dancing friends from thirteen area clubs plus callers, their taws, and class members joined us for our 28th anniversary dance.  Jerry Handley from Berry, Alabama was our caller, keeping us challenged and excited as he called everything from mainstream to plus.  Area dance class members joined us on the floor for the mainstream tips and showed us how well they’re acquiring the skills to become great dancers.  Beverly Casteel cued the round dancers with skill and ease, and Ralph Scheider cued our line dances between tips including several of our favorites like the Electric Slide.    There were door prizes in abundance including an absolutely magnificent stained glass work of art by Carol York of Serenity Stained Glass in Clinton.  The kitchen was the place to be for the hungry dancers as our awesome Claxton cooks provided a spread worthy of royalty!  It was a great evening all around, and we so appreciate our visiting dancers, our hard-working Claxton members, and the callers and cuers for making our 28th anniversary a memorable event.

March 2, 2013  Our 27th Anniversary Dance
We had an unforgettable evening celebrating our anniversary this year!  In spite of the wintery weather and the blowing snow flurries, 164 square dancing friends from 14 area square dance clubs joined us to commemorate our special occasion.  Nick Hartley from Indianapolis, Indiana was our guest caller and kept us singing and shouting as we danced to his challenging calls.  Beverly Casteel cued the round dancers gliding around the dance floor.  And Ralph Scheider entertained us with boot scootin’ fun as he led us through line dances and a barn dance.  A warm heart-felt thank you to all our square dancing friends who joined us for this happy celebration.  And a special thank you to the Knoxville Squares dance club, who gave up their regularly scheduled dance so that we could use the dance hall.  Claxton cooks outdid themselves once again, serving up food that was good and plentiful.  And the abundance of door prizes made everyone a winner!    It was a fun, fantastic unforgettable evening!

March 3, 2012   Our 26th Anniversary Dance
What a grand time we had celebrating our 26th anniversary with 163 of our closest and most fun friends!  Wes Dyer from Louisville, Kentucky was our caller for this special event, and he did an outstanding job of directing us through countless square dance figures and kept us laughing as we danced.  Beverly Casteel expertly cued the graceful round dancers between square dance tips, and Ralph Scheider shared the spotlight, dancing us through boot-scootin’ line dances.  There was a sumptuous spread of refreshments, thanks to the many magnificent Claxton cooks, and lots of opportunities to talk with and eat with and dance with our many area dancing friends from other clubs.  As a special “encore” to the dance, Wes Dyer snookered five unsuspecting dancers into participating in a skit that left us all laughing as we headed out into the cold night after the dance.  Many thanks go out to all the Claxton club members who contributed to the success of the event, and special thanks to all our guests for helping us celebrate this special occasion.



March 5, 2011 – Our 25th Anniversary Square Dance Celebration
It was a dark and stormy night, but that didn’t keep the Claxton Country Squares from celebrating our 25th year as a square dance club in grand style.  We celebrated at the square dance center in Knoxville with friends from several area clubs, dancing to the superb calling of Gary Kincade of Nashville.  Gary kept us on our toes with challenging calls and figures and gave us a lot to smile about.  Ralph Scheider cued our line dancing, and Bob and Beverly Casteel cued round dancing between the square dance tips.  Thanks to the culinary skills of our Claxton cooks, we had a bountiful buffet table; and the door prizes made everyone feel like a winner.  It was an unforgettable evening!  We thank our club and class members for pitching in to make the work load light, and we graciously appreciate the presence and support of our many square dancing friends who came to help us celebrate.



March 6, 2010            Happy 24th Anniversary to us!

Claxton Country Squares hosted our 24th anniversary dance at the Square Dance Center on Tulip Street in Knoxville.  John Aden was our caller for the special event, with Beverly Casteel cueing round dancing, and Ralph Scheider boot scootin’ us through line dances.  Bob Tonkin, our Claxton club caller, offered the invocation at the beginning of the evening and later called one tip.  The Smoky Mountain Twirlers demonstrated their skills in a special exhibition dance for us.  There were 146 dancers in attendance representing 10 clubs, with seven clubs retrieving their club banners, and some clubs even claiming one of our club banners.  There was a bountiful buffet table for the dancers, thanks to the amazing Claxton chefs.  It was a wonderful evening filled with fun and friends and fabulous dancing and calling.



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